Welcome to Beech Mountain's Mile High Bourbon Society
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Winter Battle is scheduled for December 21st at Beech Mountain Resort's Taproom and Grille!

There are limited tickets available. Ticket sales will open to society members before opening to the general public.

Tickets are $25 each and include 4-1oz shots of bourbon. Bourbons will be announced closer to the event per availability at the local ABC store. Food is available through the restaurant.

Online ticket sales will be available shortly.

Beech Mountain Bourbon And Blues IS BACK!

Mark your calendar for June 14th!

Last year we raised over 3,000! This year will be bigger and better!

Big Thank you to all of our sponsors!

Modern Toyota of Boone

Beech Alpen Inn

The Daniel Heitz Blues Band from Longwood Florida!


SkyQuest International

Defiant Whiskey

Sugarlands Distillery

Broad Branch Distillery

High Country Wealth Management

The Mullins Family


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About Us

Our History

Beech Mountain Bourbon Society, created in 2014 by two bourbon aficionados is open to all enjoying partaking responsibly in different bourbons. This is a light hearted get together of friends for tasting and studying the brown water!


Membership is open 

For $35/year members receive:

Quarterly Newsletters

Invitations to Quarterly Tastings (Cost is covered by member)

Invitation to yearly premium tastings


Beech Mountain Bourbon Society was established for Bourbon aficionados who want to deepen their understanding and appreciate of Bourbon culture, history, diversity and flavor profiles through open discussions and tastings.

The Bourbon Society is a dues-supported organization that proposes to provide charitable donations through its members and treasury.

We are  open to bourbon foolery but not bourbon snobbery!

Bylaws and Such


BMBS meets once a month for small tastings - 4 bourbons. If meetings are at a restaurant, the restaurant purchases the bourbons - the cost of the purchase is added to the meal bill divided by the number of people tasting.

Leftover bourbon is BMBS property enjoyed by society members until the bottle is empty.

Members absent our small meetings relinquish their portion of the whiskey, the may obtain their share from the President after the tasting providing there is any left.

Battle of the Bourbons

Twice a year - Winter Battle at the beginning of snow seasonSummer Battle at the beginning of Summer season
12 bourbons battle for title of Best of Beech Mountain - the bourbon served at local establishments for each season.
Members may bring guests to the small tastings with a guest fee of $15/pp, Battle of the Bourbons is open to the public with a per person fee determined by the President and the Venue. If the Battle is at a local Venue the purchase of the bourbons and the leftover bourbon is the property of that venue.
All meetings including the Battle of the Bourbon include tasting notes, tasting wheels and pens.

Membership Notes

Membership is for one full year from time of registration. $35/yearMembership dues go toward one premium bottle of bourbon for the society tasting.Membership includes priority during tastings at local venues.
Members must be 21 years or older, willing to partake and not condone whiskey snobbery. 
The Tally of Tasting Notes will be either the night of the tasting or the next morning. Any BMBS members protesting the tally needs to inform the Secretary within 24 hours of the posting of the results.


Chairman - Responsible for determining whiskeys for tastings, finding volunteers for tastings, and running meeting. 

President - Helping the Chairman determine whiskey choice, attending all whiskey tastings, helping the President home. Researching and purchasing Premium bottle of bourbon for Society Member’s yearly tasting.

Secretary - determining venues for Battle of the Bourbons, providing tasting notes, glasses, pens. Organizing food if tasting is not at a venue. Tallying the tasting note scores and communication with the society.

Treasurer - creating and maintaining a bank account for the BMBS, determining when dues are due, keeping track of guest fees. Keeping a positive balance in the bank account and making sure with fundraisers if needed the cost of the premium bottle of bourbon is covered by the society.

Assistant to the Chairman - determining whiskeys for tastings, coordination of details to all members of the monthly tastings, helping the Treasurer collect BMBS dues.

Security - Making sure all members and guests behave appropriatly at all small tastings and at the Battle of the Bourbons. Ejecting those members that have not paid their dues or are acting inappropriately.


Tastings on Beech Mountain are considered part of the Mile High Club.

Members receive one discount premium bourbon of local establishments

Started in 2015 by to local bourbon aficionados

Contact Us

Beech Mountain Bourbon Society

Beech Mountain, North Carolina, United States

(336) 926-3994


Chairman, Pete Chamberlin

President, Jeff Melang

Vice President, Ethan Suddreth

Chief Tasting Officer, Rob Price

Assistant, Tammy Berger

Marketing, Morgan Hale

Secretary, Kelly Melang

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